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Who Speaks for Earthlings?

“Who Speaks for Earthlings?” is the title of my second book, published in May 2014.  This is a collection of my articles, poems and speeches from 2009-2014.  The book is primarily, but not exclusively, concerned with animal rights, and also includes pieces on human rights, social justice and global finance as well as personal reminiscences.

You can purchase this book on Amazon, in the United Kingdom, or elsewhere on, and it is available in both paperback and Kindle versions.  The price has been kept to the minimum, allowing for production costs, because it really, really is not about the money – it is about the message, and the message, always and throughout, is justice, compassion and love.

WSFE_cover (front) (as of 26 04 2014)I have brought these articles, poems and speeches together because I believe that collectively they precisely express my worldview.   That worldview is based upon a hope that we, as a species, will ultimately want the Earth, our home, to be the best of all possible worlds, offering safety and security for all who live here.   That is not currently the case.  Right now we commit acts of extraordinary violence and cruelty against so many of the Earth’s inhabitants, which is appalling not only for them but also so harmful to ourselves.  But we do not and cannot exist in safe isolation from the natural world; however much we surround ourselves with the technological products of our imagination and however much we may seclude ourselves in the “built environment” of concerete, steel and glass, we must still breathe the air, drink the waters and eat the foods of the world around us.   How we choose to treat the world around us, and those others that live upon its lands and within its rivers andcoeans, is of vital importance for humanity’s continued survival.

As I explain in the Foreward to this book, the image of a candle is used on the cover (a photograph taken by Seren Photography, my wife’s business) because we need to bring light to the darkness that shrouds the exploitation, enslavement and murder of so many billions of non-human animals, as well as the ongoing discrimination and violence wrought against so many persecuted members of human animal society.   I want my words to strike a match to light the flame of a candle of compassion to bring warmth to all in our world; whoever they are and wherever they may be, whatever the count of the number of their legs or whether their bodies are covered in skin,  fur, feathers or scales, none of it matters – all that matters is that our hearts beat with compassion and our hands reach out in love to offer protection and comfort.

We are presently out-of-balance with the natural world, believing that the economy (which should mean effective guardianship of the environment) is more important than the natural world from which it extracts resources at unsustainable rates, that profit comes before protecting the land, sea and sky from pollution, and that money matters more than our relationships with our fellow planetary travellers.   We are told that consuming more and more and possessing more and more is best for us (whether food or other consumer items) and that material wealth should be the measure of our success, even though the desire for more is forever unsatisfied and leads only to an obssession with the short-term gratification to be gained from having just one more possession and then just one more possession and then just one possession…

All of that has fed into what I have described as “the meat delusion” (please see my first book, “The Meat Delusion“), the global obsession with enslaving and killing non-humans for their flesh, milk, eggs (all for “food”) and also skin, fur and bones for use in clothes, household products and “medicines”.  Our disconnect from our kinship with our fellow Earthlings, and the human desire to profit from exploiting others, causes us to view those feeling, sentient beings as only “product”, mere “consumer items”, as economic “resources” to be used by us to satisfy our suggested wants.   Those “wants” for the body parts of murdered non-humans are socially-engineered desires and are in no way vital or relevant to human survival.   Those wants are part of a deliberately constructed scheme to create profit (for those who “own” these living beings) through the supply of the remains of destroyed lives to those who are told that they must demand non-human animal flesh and milk and eggs, because they have been told that they must have it, they need to have it, they should have it.   It’s all a gross and sickening lie. It is the most violent lie we have ever told, the most cruel lie we have ever heard, the most vicious lie ever acted upon the surface of the Earth.

We pretend it is all okay because the truth is hard to bear; it is uncomfortable, awkward, difficult and disturbing to see and hear and smell the reality of what that lie means to those billions of non-humans, the scale of the horror , the pain, the screams and the despair felt and endured by the gentle beings we imprison in our farms and murder in our slaughterhouses.  But it is time for us to pay heed to the truth; in the time of the life we have we must fearlessly face the reality of what we do and we must bring the light of the candle of compassion to show us the truth of our darkest deeds.  Only by looking and seeing and knowing can we hope to emerge from the shadow cast by our savagery and escape into the warmth and freedom granted by love and kindness.  When we know, we will want to act on behalf of justice for the sake of our fellow brethren on this Earth.  When we know, we will know the answer to the question asked by my book, “Who Speaks for Earthlings?” … we will know that it is us …

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