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A video selection of speeches, interviews and poems, including speeches given at national marches against vivisection (now called “biomedical research”) and the farming of animals, and interviews with the national press and television.

My presentation called “No Good Fish Supper” at the Irish Vegan Festival in Belfast on 7 October, 2018.  This presentation discusses the vital urgency for the global shift to a vegan society based upon a plant-based diet as the only credible way for humanity to secure its long-term future, and to best protect the environment.

This is the speech that I gave to open the “Closer All Slaughterhouses” demonstration, held in central London on 9 June 2018.  Called “There Ain’t Nothing That’ll Stop Us” it’s a call for those of us who care for our non-human animal friends to know that we are on the right side of compassion, the right side of justice, the right side of history… and one day, through our determination, those friends will roam free…


This is the video of my speech that opened the Irish Vegan Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Sunday 9 April, 2017.  Called “This is an emergency – the imperative of being vegan” it concentrates on the environmental effect on animal farming and the wider use (and therefore abuse) of other animals by human society – to the detriment of the planet, ourselves and of course those non-humans who suffer so appallingly.


Here is my presentation from October 2017 at the Irish Vegan Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  This one is called “The Tale of The Little Red Spot” and is an unusual take on veganism, mixing the Theory of Special Relativity and our knowledge of quantum states to inform our moral understanding of the universe around us, and all lives with whom we share our home planet…

In May 2017, I performed a poetry and prose piece at the Irish Vegan Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland called “Here’s To You And You And You (And Yes, I Guess Me Too!)” which is a celebration of vegan.  There are many ways of expressing “being vegan” and as vegans we advocate for and help our non-human animal friends in all kinds of ways!  It doesn’t matter that we do things differently – the important thing is that we’re doing something, and we are vegan.  Simply being vegan is something very definitely worth celebrating!


Here is my short speech called “Running Across Rainbows” delivered at the opening of the Vegan Open Day, held at The Centre in Belfast on 2 November, 2016.  This speech is all about the wonder, the magic and the majesty of the vegan life.  It’s positive advocacy all the way through, because veganism is all about love and kindness and the sheer joy of life.


On 11 September 2016 I delivered a 30-minute vegan poetry performance called “Five Ways To Vegan” at the Dublin VegFest in Dublin, Ireland.  To make things easier, I’ve broken that performance down into five videos, one for each poem that I performed.  They are shown here in the order in which they were performed

“There Was A Young Boy And That Was I” is a re-imagining of the poem, There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly, and is all about how we can all learn from little children who really, really do not want to hurt any animal..


The second of my poems is called “This Concerns Everyone” which is a reworking of the great, and sadly late, Adrian Mitchell’s magnificent anti-war poem, To Whom It May Concern, because the lies we are told about animal farming are no different to lies people were told about the Vietnam war…


The third, bridging poem in my “Five Ways To Vegan” performance is called “Wait For Me”, which represents the words of a pig whom I saw when he was being taken his death in a truck… those animals whom we farm, and thus harm, understand what we are doing to them, and they feel just as we do…


The fourth of my poems is called “Those Damned Yesterdays” because in the future people will look back in horror at what we do today, in utter disgust at the violence and cruelty that we, right now, are so damned casual about…


My final poem in “Five Ways To Vegan” is my prose-poem piece called “Equality For All Life” because despite all that we do today, I still have hope for a shared future for all of us as humans and our fellow Earthlings, and that hope springs from love, because it all comes down to love, for nothing is as great as love…


My presentation, “And The Woodlouse Taught Me To Love”, delivered at the inaugural Irish Vegan Festival, in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday 9 April, 2016

My talk, “From A Spark To A Fire – Vegan Advocacy In Action”, given at the inaugural Dublin Vegfest, in Ireland on World Vegan Day, 1 November, 2015

My speech at the ARAN National March and Demonstration to Make Animal Cruelty History, with 5,000 taking part in Dublin, Ireland on 27 September, 2015

An extract from my talk, “Veganism – An Invitation To Love”, presented at the first ever Vegan Events night in Belfast, UK in September 2015

a brand NEW version of Equality For All Life – An Invocation of Love, my meditation on love, set to music by Vangelis

My radio interivew on Natural Health Radio in November, 2015 talking about the ideas behind my book, The Meat Delusion

A brutalist poem on the mind-shredding agony of caring. It hurts to the point beyond the snap and the break of the soul…

Just a one-minute clip – the sound of sheep being taken away by truck… to a final destination.

My brutalist poem on the nightmare of knowing, seeing, feeling… but if truth, justice and love are to conquer the inhumanity of humanity then we must feel, we must look, we must know… and we must fight like fuck for it, and we will have to suffer for it…

A reading of “Due To Foreseen Circumstances, This Human Has Been Cancelled” from my new poetry collection, Deadstone. This one is on war, and the madness we inflict on those who endure war…

A reading of “Better Than God”, taken from my second book, “Who Speaks For Earthlings?”

My latest poem, I Thought Of You (Because Of You)

A performance of a poem (from “Who Speaks For Earthlings?, a rework of a blog post from a while ago), “The dying and the dead” … those of whom I speak, are with me always…


A performance of my animal rights poem, “Yesterday” … for we must, surely, one day put all of this behind us…


A public performance of my animal rights poem, Wait For Me, written in memory of every farmed animal, every oppressed, exploited, tortured and murdered being…this was performed at Waterstone’s bookstore in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Thursday 21 March, 2013 as part of World Poetry Day.


My invocation of love, delivered at the National March for Farmed Animals, Brighton England, October 2012


Speech at the National ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network) demonstration, Dublin, England August 2012



Video poem in memory of and love for farmed animals


This speech was delivered at the annual national march and rally, World Day for Animals in Laboratories, which took place in Manchester on 16 April 2011


A speech given at the national march and rally World Day for Farmed Animals in London on 2 October 2010

Interview with the UK national daily newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, April 2010



Live interview on BBC2’s “Daily Politics Show”, May 2010


Promotional video for Animals Count for the UK General Election, April 2010


Speech delivered at the national march and rally for World Day for Animals in Laboratories, London 24 April 2010


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