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The Meat Delusion

“The Meat Delusion”, published in September 2015, is a revised, refreshed and remixed update to my first book, “Nine Steps To Eden” (published in June 2011 (you can read reviews of “Nine Steps To Eden” here)). The Meat Delusion brings together my thoughts and ethical philosophy on animal exploitation. It is a book that asks us to reconsider the way that we regard non-human animals with particular reference to the animals who are abused and killed on our farms and in our slaughterhouses. It is a polemic, and one I hope that fits well in the tradition of such greats as William Lloyd Garrison, Mary Woolstonecraft and Tom Paine.

I describe The Meat Delusion as a polemic for a 2020 vision. In optical terms, 20/20 vision of course refers to perfect vision. In calendar terms, the year 2020 is approaching fast and it is my view that we have to act now if humanity is to have a future at all. With global environmental destruction increasing year-on-year, with the effects of climate change becoming more apparent with every passing month, with chronic ill-health due to lifestyle choices (such as eating “meat” and “dairy” foods) having a more significant impact day-by-day, we – as a species – are running out of time to change course and safeguard the environment for ourselves and future generations. We need to think with a perfect vision – now! The perfect vision is to think and live vegan. The perfect vision is to eliminate animal farming and indeed all forms of animal exploitation which, by default, includes eliminating all forms of human animal exploitation. The perfect vision erases the lies of the meat delusion.

“The Meat Delusion” is a call for change, an incitement to revolution – personal as well as social revolution. The conclusions to be drawn from the book are, I feel, irresistible and irrefutable: that we do not need to eat animal-based foods, that we do know how much pain and suffering those animals feel, and therefore we do not have to harm them and kill them. We do not have to farm them at all.

“The Meat Delusion” demands an end to the livestock industry. No more meat. No more dairy. This is not only easy to imagine, it is easy to achieve. We just need to make different choices about the foods that we eat. This is a book that asks us to reject “the meat delusion” – the lie that says that it is okay for us to kill trillions of animals every year with extreme violence, and in our desire for animal flesh plunder the world’s seas and oceans, rainforests and savannahs, and ruin our health and bodies as we eat the bodies of those we have killed. This book is about our attitude towards animals on our farms and slaughterhouses. As such, it is about violence and cruelty and brutality and killing. It is about why none of that needs to happen anymore. “The Meat Delusion” asks us to think again. To think again about how we regard those other lives with whom we share this world. To recognise the lie that says that we can remain unconcerned about the pain and suffering, despair and misery endured by animals at our hand, the lie that says that we can decimate and destroy the environment as we please, mutilate and torture animals at will, and kill them and eat them as we choose.

This book describes not the what that we do to animals (I think that we all know well enough what we do to them) but the why that we do those things to those animals. We may believe that as well as understanding what we do to them we also know well enough why we do those things. But there is a profound, indeed tragic failure to understand who those non-human animals really are and also who we are and also the role that we each must play in supporting the environment around us. We base our beliefs about non-humans and about ourselves on a series of lies, a package of deliberate untruths that together we may describe as “the meat delusion”, a falsification of reality, a corruption of the evidence that surrounds us on all sides. This is a fantasy in which we wrap our lives, a cloak and hood of deceit that we pull over our eyes and blanket our minds so that we do not see and we do not know what it really means to “render” a feeling, knowing being with the promise of so much life and joy into a slab of a corpse, sliced and diced for our delectation.

”The Meat Delusion” calls for the greatest revolution in our history since we began to use tools and fire, a revolution which will forever change our world … a revolution that is essential if our children and their descendants are to have any future on Earth.

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