Live and think differently and the world will be different

Within Because Of Without

I smashed my face into a rock Pummelled the edges with my cheekbones Split my nose against its sharpened side And beat my eyes into its rough façade My face cracked Broke In two And the truth poured out I picked it up and put it in my pocket And walked around handing it out all over town I set fire to the hairs on the back of my neck Poured boiling oil over my...

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Seven Days of Uncreation

On the first day – Man saw that there was light And by the first fire he picked his first fight He’d killed his brother by the time it was night And beaten his wife and left her black and blue   I wonder who it is that could ever love Man Because that isn’t something that I could ever do   On the second day – Man looked up to the sky And fired...

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I Cannot See What Other People See

You tell me: Leaves on trees turn shades Of brown and gold as the day grows cold And fallen leaves crunch underfoot Fields shine orange in a red sunset That fades to cool, clear dusk of darkest blue I try to see What other people see But I cannot see the Autumn colours that you see You tell me: Short days of winter turn Branches to black in silhouette Against...

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Because of You

I saw a man with a gun And I thought of you I saw a man with a knife And I thought of you I saw a man with blood on his hands And I thought of you I saw a dead body And I thought of you I saw a ripped throat And I thought of you I saw all the spilt blood And I thought of you I saw fear and terror In the victim’s eyes Trembling before the man with the knife in...

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I ain’t got no time for that

There’s a man over there, he’s wearing a white hat, and he’s a big part of a big problem that I’ve got. He’s wearing a white coat too, but in truth it’s mostly red, and it’s a big part of a big problem that I’ve got. There’s a guy nearby, he drives a truck, he’s quite a big guy and he’s a big part of a big problem that I’ve got. There’s...

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Living with ME, living by ME, what it means to me…

You can only look on and know that you cannot put it to right. You can only reach out with a touch of comfort but know that the pain remains. You can only say what you hope are the right words, yet know that no words relieve the hurt. You look on and inside you cry whilst the one you see and love endures another hour of agony and a quiet despair, lonely in the...

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