Live and think differently and the world will be different

This is an emergency – the imperative of being vegan

This is the text of my speech that opened the Irish Vegan Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Sunday 9 April, 2018.  Concentrating on the devastating environmental impact of animal farming and other abuses by humanity of our fellow Earthlings, the speech confirms that our best chance to save ourselves from ourselves, as well as respecting our fellow...

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Here is my gift to you, my child

Here is my gift to you, my child. And my gift to you, my child, is an unthinking gift. For I do not want to you to think. I do not want you to think about what this gift means, I just want you to passively, quietly accept this gift and not to think now or ever. I do not want you to question this gift, to raise your voice in concern about this gift, to offer to...

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The Hare In My Head

No, I can’t do it. No, I can’t shake it. No, I can’t get rid of it. Can’t do nothing with it. Don’t matter what I do, can’t do nothing with it. I got it. It got me. There, in my head. The hare in my head. He’s there, the hare in my head. Now he’s there he’s always gonna be there. I got the hare. ...

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Confession Of A Mass Murderer

I possessed them. I possessed their life. I possessed their death. I ate them. I ate their life. I ate their death. I drank them. I drank their life. I drank their death. I whetted my mouth in anticipation of drawing them into me, and sucking into my throat the remains of them, and I filled my insides with the joy of having them in me. I purchased their...

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Easter – a celebration of life by committing murder

The spring equinox heralds the vivid re-emergence of life from its long, folded withdrawal during cold, monochrome winter days and nights. The turn of winter into spring, bringing warmth and colour and sound to the once frosted, silent landscape is worthy indeed of celebration. And from its earliest times, humanity has invoked ritual to express its joy at the...

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On being REALLY offended

Today I listened to the Today programme on R4 with some talk about a survey of 1,000 Muslims which suggested that around 80% of those surveyed are personally very offended by pictorial representations of their Prophet. I kind of get the faith thing (though as a rational human I have none), but the images are just that, they’re drawings, cartoons, they’re...

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