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I am a writer (my two books to date are “The Meat Delusion” and “Who Speaks for Earthlings?“), public speaker and school educator on issues relating to animal rights, including subjects such as animal farming, animal experimentation, diet and nutrition, climate change and the environmental impact of animal exploitation.  I am available to give talks, presentations, lectures at schools, universities, youth groups or indeed any community gathering to inform, debate and discuss the critically important issue of animal rights, and so if you would like me to come along then please do get in touch with me via the Contact page.  Videos of many of my talks, speeches and poetry can be viewed on my veganism channel on Vimeo.

I am a regular speaker at the Irish Vegan Festival, which takes place twice a year in Belfast, Northern Ireland.   My most recent presentation there was on 7 October, 2018 with my talk called “No Good Fish Supper” – make the environmental case for veganism, and which followed on from my impassioned speech at the festival in April 2018 called “This Is An Emergency” The text of that talk is available here.  In-between those events, I also spoke at the Close Down All Slaughterhouses demonstration in Central London in July 2018, with a piece called “There Ain’t Nothing That’ll Stop Us“.

I have been there in previous years, including on 14 October, 2017 delivering a talk called “The Tale of the Little Red Spot” and on 13 May, 2017 with a poetry and prose piece called “Here’s To You and You And You (And Yes, I Guess Me Too)“, a celebration of being vegan, and my first appearance there with a presentation called “And The Woodlouse Taught Me to Love” on 9 April, 2016.

I gave a performance (5 November, 2016) at the Vegan Open Day held at The Centre in Belfast.  I opened the event with my speech “Running Across Rainbows” which is all about the magic, the wonder and the majesty of vegan living.  I also closed the event with a presentation on “Animal Experiments – a failure of science and imagination” because veganism is concerned with all of humanity’s use (and therefore abuse) of other animals.  Veganism is not a diet – it is a complete philosophy of compassion.

In September 2016 I delivered a 30-minute poetry performance called “Five Ways To Vegan” at the second Dublin VegFest in Dublin, Ireland.  The performance was recorded and the five poems I performed are available to view on the video page!

Other recent events include a speech in September 2015 called “We Will Do What Must Be Done” to 5,000 people attending a national rally in Dublin, Ireland to end animal cruelty.  Also in September 2015, I gave a talk at the first ever Vegan Events evening in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and you can see a short clip of my talk here, entitled “Veganism: An Invitation To Love“.

Another first was delivering a presentation in November 2015 at the first ever Dublin Vegfest, the first ever Vegfest in the island of Ireland.  My presentation was filmed and you can see that here – “From A Spark To A Fire“.

Yet another first was a talk I gave at the first ever Irish Vegan Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland in April 2016.  My presentation, which was filmed and is available online, was entitled “And The Woodlouse Taught Me To Love: Reflections On Equality For All Life“.  This talk included my video piece called “Equality For All Life“.

My vegan advocacy is based upon positive, affirmative action, the expression of a profound love for all of my fellow Earthlings.  I seek to bring others to an understanding of the joy of veganism and offering kindness and compassion to all lives by speaking from the heart in an uplifting and emotive manner but always, of course, with my ethics predicated upon a very solid foundation of a coherent philosophical understanding and full regard to the evidence of science.

RD at Greenpeace hustings (taking part in a hustings event in the UK General Election in 2010)

From 2009-2011 I was the Deputy Leader of the political party Animals Count, a political party dedicated to social justice for both human and non-human members of the world community.  As such, I stood for election as a candidate for Animals Count in the European Elections in 2009 and the UK General Election in 2010, and with the latter I became the first person in British electoral history to stand for parliamentary election on an animal protection manifesto.  Due to the profound limitations (indeed, failures!) of the UK electoral system which adversely impacts on so-called “smaller” political parties I was not successful on either occasion, but even so we were able to bring issues of animal protection to many thousands of people.  Through my candidacy I was able to raise the profile of animal rights in a public forum by taking part in “hustings” events, through video releases on YouTube and more formally by video interview with the national newspaper The Daily Telegraph and a live television interview on BBC2’s “The Daily Politics Show.

about_image03I am a highly experienced school speaker of behalf of various animal rights campaigning groups and charities.  This involves delivering presentations and lectures in secondary schools throughout Southern England to pupils aged between 11-18 years of age on any topic relating to animal rights,  a subject which now forms part of the National Curriculum.  This represents an important engagement with the “next generation”, introducing them to a perspective on the human use of animals that they simply will not receive otherwise in their education.  I have outstanding presentation skills in the classroom, able to draw pupils of all abilities and ages at secondary school level into lively and informative debate.

about_image02As a public speaker I have the ability to deliver articulate, clear and both intellectually engaging and emotionally involving speeches, that really do function as speeches – with an obvious beginning, middle and end!  This is something that is sadly lacking in many of our public speakers who think that shouting and ranting are adequate substitutes!

In all of this my motivation is justice and my primary driver is compassion.  I am stunned that the world in which I live can be content with such extraordinary violence and bloodshed, not only against my fellow humans but also against all of those other species with whom I share this small world.  I am determined not to be an idle bystander to or a disinterested observer of such deplorable cruelty.  I will speak out.

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